The Project.

In preparation for the release of several new products, Meadows Drinks Co. approached us to help implement a campaign to increase their social media audience, raise brand awareness and improve audience engagement.

We worked out a campaign strategy and implemented a week-long multi-channel social media competition campaign and utilised various forms of content including product photography, videos, and polls to keep followers engaged. The content was distributed key points throughout the campaign to maximise engagement and reach.

By using targeted Facebook & Instagram adverts we focused on the core Meadows Gin audience to direct more traffic to the competition and website. We also utilised our pre-existing influencer network to boost brand awareness from different social media profiles.

The Results.

Following the duration of the campaign, Meadows Gin gained over 2,105 new followers and increased sales revenues by 312%. This was double the amount of followers that they previously had across all social media channels prior to the campaign launch.

All social media channels saw a significant increase in reach and engagement, collectively gaining 120.6k reach and hitting a total average of 6.2k impressions.

Overall, Meadows received 2,319 profile visits and across all channels and gained 778 post clicks and 823 shares.

As a result, sales revenues increased by 312% from the previous month and have remained at a significantly higher level following the campaign finish date.